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Malene Ronnenberg Kirk

About me

I’m a graphic & web designer currently living and working in a surburb of Copenhagen, Denmark. I live in a house with my family – 4 children of all ages and my husband from New Zealand.

We love travelling and spend as much time as possible at extraordinary destinations and in our ‘second base’ New Zealand.

Designing web, print & patterns

For the past 17 years I have designed and and edited webpages for small and big clients. I still do that (and enjoy it!). Check out www.webplusdesign.dk if you need assistance with your website, blog, newsletter or…

Lately my passion for design has developed and I’m exploring a more handmade approach and interest for textures, materials, doodeling, painting, handprinting, jewellerymaking…

Sligtly obsessed with making artwork has now lead me to make a brand:
Frigg & Freya Print, pattern & surface design

Frigg & Freya – Godess’ from North

I can’t deny my Scandinavian inheritage even if I’m drawn towards travelling and living in a warmer climate. Frigg & Freya two godess’ (- or possibly the same one) described in the norse and germantic mythology are sources of inspiration to me.

Frigg is the godess associated with foreknowledge and wisdom and Freya the godess of love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death.

Frigg & Freya were powerful and worshipped goddess’ way back in the Viking age. They remind me that dramas of life are the same through time and all around the world, no matter who we are and what we do.